Invited Speakers

Ian S. Osborne Biography

"Publishing in Science – from the inside out"
Ian Osborne

Jing-Feng Li Biography
(Tsinghua University)

"New Piezoelectric and Thermoelectric Materials"
Jing-Feng Li

Silvia Destri Biography
(Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)

"Polymers and Water Processed Polymeric Nanoparticles as Materials for Solution Manufacturing of Optoelectronic and Electronic Devices"
Silvia Destri

Simone Wiegand Biography
(Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, 52425 Juelich, Germany)

"Towards Smart Applications Using Temperature Gradients"
Simone Wiegand

Hirotaka Sato Biography
(Nanyang Technological University)

"CYBORG INSECT: Insect-Computer Hybrid Machine for Flight and Walking Control"
Hirotaka Sato

Hiroshi Konno Biography

"A Secret and Sophisticated Japanese Food Tradition, Koji"
Dr Hiroshi Konno

Shu Yamaguchi Biography
(University of Tokyo, Japan)

"Oxide Surface Protonics: Proton Activity on Hydrated Oxide Surface"
Dr Shu Yamaguchi

Shuichiro Tomita Biography
(National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)

"Production of the Cocoons Containing Recombinant Silks: Regulation and Realization"
Dr Shuichiro Tomita

Ken Nagashima Biography
(Railway Technical Research Institute)

"Maglev and Superconducting Technology"
Dr Ken Nagashima

Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya Biography
(Tokai University)

"Fabrication of PZT Thin Film Actuator and Microneedle pH Sensor by RF Magnetron Sputtering Method"
 Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya

Hiroyuki Muto Biography
(Toyohashi university of Technology)

"Novel Fabrication Process of Advanced Composite Materials via Electrostatic Adsorption Assembly Technique"
Hiroyuki Muto

Junko Taniguchi Biography
(University of Electro-Communications Tokyo)

"Novel Superfluid Response of 4He Confined in One-Dimensional Nanotube"
Junko Taniguchi

Fumitaka Yanagisawa Biography
(Clarivate Analytics)

"Interdisciplinary Research Around Material Sciences: Trend From Bibliometric Analysis"
Fumitaka Yanagisawa

Invited Speakers to Diversity Session

Zane Zumbahlen Biography
(IBM Japan, Japan)

"The Innovation and Diversity"
Zane Zumbahlen

Janelle Sasaki Biography
(Ernst & Young Advisory & Consulting Co., Ltd., Japan)

"Must the Nail That Sticks Out Be Hammered In? Diversity and Inclusion in the New Japan"
Janelle Sasaki

Miyoko Kojima Biography
(Ourshare Co., Ltd., Japan)

"We Need a New Leadership"
Miyoko Kojima