Ian S. Osborne

Ian S. Osborne
"Publishing in Science – From the Inside Out"


• Senior Editor, Science Magazine (Europe Office)
*E-mail: iosborne@science-int.co.uk; +44-(0)1223-326500

Science is the world's leading journal of original scientific research, global news, and commentary. Over all disciplines, the journal receives in excess of 13000 research papers submitted each year for consideration for publication. With around 800 or so papers selected for publication, the competition for that limited space is fierce. I will overview the role of the editor on the selection and peer review process at the journal.

The publication landscape has changed considerably over the past decade or so. There is now an overwhelming choice of publication venues and formats available for authors. Science has been at the forefront of these changes: innovating online publication, peer review evaluation, elevating awareness in author responsibilities, reproducibility, data handling and presentation. I’ll provide an overview of Science’s role as a premiere venue for publication, as well as the need to address future challenges in the publication landscape.


Ian joined Science in 1998. Since then, he has been responsible for handling research papers in the areas of physics, applied physics and materials science as an Associate and Senior Editor. Since 2008, he has also worked in the Commentary section of the magazine, handling Perspectives in areas covering astrophysics, planetary and earth sciences, physics, chemistry and materials science.
Prior to joining Science, he worked in Japan for just over 5 years. The first two years was as a post-doctoral research fellow at a government research facility, the Electrotechnical Laboratory, in Tsukaba. The following 3+ years were with Sharp Electronics’ Energy Conversion Laboratories in Nara, developing thin film solar cells.
He received his PhD from the University of Dundee in 1993 investigating the switching mechanism of amorphous silicon memory devices.