Silvia Destri

Silvia Destri
"Polymers and Water Processed Polymeric Nanoparticles as Materials for Solution Manufacturing of Optoelectronic and Electronic Devices"


• Director of Research
Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole (ISMAC) of CNR in Milan (Italy)

Education and Training

• 1979-1980 School of Specialisation in Polymer Science “G. Natta” of Politecnico of Milan (60/60)
• 22/11/1979 Qualifying Examination in Chemistry(100/100)
• 1971-1976 Degree in Chemistry at University of Parma (cum laude)
• 1970/71 Diploma maturità Classica at liceo G. Romani. Casalmaggiore (CR)

Work experience

• Since 2010

  • Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole (ISMAC) of CNR in Milan (Italy)
  • Director of Research Coordination of a research group in Italian projects;
  • Design, synthesis and characterisation of polymers for solar cells processed in aqueous solvents and sensors;
  • Preparation and characterization of polymer nanoparticles with conjugated rod-coil copolymers;
  • Development of polymeric opals for structural colours.

• 31/05/1997 to 01/12/2009

  • Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole (ISMAC) of CNR in Milan (Italy)
  • Senior Researcher;
    Coordination of a research group in Italian and European projects;
  • Design, synthesis and characterisation of organic molecules and complexes, oligomers and polymers responsive in optoelectronic and photonic applications, specifically polythiophenes and related oligomers for OFET and solar cells, polyfluorenes and related copolymers for OLED, and polyazomethines and polyazines for NLO properties;
  • Deposition of molecules and polymers in films of variable thickness by using different techniques in solution and in vacuum. Surface fuctionalization.

• 01/09/1982 to 31/05/1997

  • Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole (ISMAC) of CNR in Milan (Italy)
    Permanent Researcher
  • Visiting researcher at Max –Planck für Polymer for shung of Mainz (D)

• 01/09/1980 to 31/08/1982

  • Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole (ISMAC) of CNR in Milan (Italy)
    Fixed Term Researcher in Prof. L. Porri group
    Stereospecific polymerization of olefin and diene with Ziegler Natta catalysts

• 01/07/1977 to 31/01/1979

  • Laboratorio Analisi Tecniche ed Ambientali G. Pacini, via A. Sforza 79, Milano
    Environmental analysis
    Person responsible of the laboratory
    Environmental sampling and analytical determination by Gas Chromatography, UV-Vis Spectroscopy

• 01/1977 to 06/1977

  • Post-doctoral fellow F. Hoffmann-La Roche&CO in Basel (CH)
    Enzyme purification and fabrication of sensors for monitoring glucose in the blood

Scientific Activity

• Organic and complex synthesis, polymerization of olefin and conjugated monomers in solution and emulsion, block copolymers preparation. Characterization techniques: NMR, UV-Vis, FTIR, and luminescence spectroscopy, Gas e Gas- Mass Chromatography, DSC, HPLC. SAM preparation and surface functionalization. Preparation and characterization of organic and hybrid blend with SiOx, TiO2, semiconductor nanoparticles. Deposition of film by Languimuir-Blodgett technique, spin coating , casting technique, microcontact- printing, vacuum and ultra-vacuum system. She has co-authored over 180 papers and 6 patents.

Project coordination and participation

She has been working in European networks SELMAT, EUROLED, EUROFET, NANOCHANNELS HPRN-CT-2002-00323 and NANOMATCH MRTN-CT-2006-035884 and involved in several national FIRB Projects on OLED and Solid State Lighting and in PROTEO, TESEO, DANAE, and SOFT-PV Cariplo Projects on OLED OFET and solar cells. She has been responsible of the ISMAC unit in the national projects FIRB RBNE01P4JF, PRIN 2007 on lighting and solar cells. She has been involved in the Regione Lombardia Project ATP 2009 - ID 13483624 Greencosmetics (Intercos) coordinating the research for developing structural colors using polymer nanoparticles and in project TIMES in the frame of second Accordo Quadro CNR –Regione Lombardia. She has been responsible of ISMAC unit in two projects granted by Lombardia region on nanomaterials for solar cells in Progetto 4 of the first Accordo Quadro
CNR-Regione Lombardia and integration of organic photovoltaic cells in building in Progetto 1 of the same frame and in a Cariplo project on the same subject and in a national PRIN 2009 project on materials for solar cells. Actually she is project manager of a CNR-ISMAC Milano University unit in the PRIN 2012 project Aqua-SOL which pays specific attention to materials for all aqueous processing OPV cells. At present she is also addressing her interest to apply conjugated polymers in device fabrication for assay of proteins responsible for Alzheimemer disease in the frame of Nanomax-Chem Italian project.

Organizational skills and competences

Local Coordination of Italian and European projects.
Member of Steering Committee of Italian Association of Macromolecular Science (AIM).
Member of the organizing committee of International Conferences (EUPOC 2008, CIMTEC 2010); Workshops (Vacuum Deposition 1994) and National Conferences (Materiali per Elettronica e Fotonica, XIX AIM Italian Meeting), and Schools (Materiali Molecolari Avanzati per Fotonica e Elettronica I (2001), II (2005) e III (2009), Scuola sui Materiali INSTM-CNR, Bressanone (Italy) 2009).

Selected publications

1. Zappia, S.; Scavia, G.; Ferretti, A.M., Giovanella, U.; Vohra, V.; Destri, S.; “Eco-friendly approach for efficient organic solar cell fabrication with water-processable amphiphilic low band gap block copolymer:fullerene nanoparticles” manuscript submitted to Advanced Sustainable Systems;
2. Zappia S., Di Mauro A.E., Mastria R., Rizzo A., Curri M.L., Striccoli M., Destri S. Rod-coil block copolymer as nanostructuring compatibilizer for efficient CdSe NCs/PCPDTBT hybrid solar cells. Eur. Polym. J. 2016, 78, 352-363;
3. Kesarkar S., Mrotz W., Penconi M., Pasini M., Destri S., Cazzaniga M., Ceresoli D., Mussini P.R., C., Giovanella U., Bossi A. Near-IR Emitting Iridium(III) Complexes with Heteroaromatic β-Diketonate Ancillary Ligands for Efficient Solution-Processed OLEDs: Structure–Property Correlations. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 1-6;
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