Zane Zumbahlen

Zane Zumbahlen
"The Innovation and Diversity"


• Vice President, Human Resources for IBM Japan


Zane Zumbahlen is the Vice President, Human Resources for IBM Japan, covering HR for IBM’s 23k employees who drive greater than $8b revenue per year. Zane has 21 years with IBM, holding positions in various business units (Hardware, Software, Consulting, Corporate, Sales, and Research) and functions within HR (Generalist, Talent, Acquisitions, Compensation, Business Development, Staffing, and HR/IT). He has worked across the US and been on assignment in Sweden. External certifications include Society for HR Management [Professional in HR (PHR)] and World at Work [Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)]. He is passionate about strategic HR, diversity, optimizing talent, and being provocative with work being done.

Mr. Zumbahlen attended Michigan State University, MLRHR and University of Illinois, BS Psychology.
He is married to a wonderful woman, Tracy, and has two children – son Joel (11) and daughter Zada (8). He coaches youth baseball and enjoys playing tennis and volleyball.