Invited Speakers

Hiroshi Fujiwara Biography
Hiroshi Fujiwara
(BroadBand Tower, Inc., Japan)

"Big Data Impact –Key for the 4th Industrial Revolution–"
Nicholas Gibson Biography
Nicholas Gibson
(International Marketing - Intellectual Ventures, USA)

"Start-ups, Venture Companies, Small Companies, and Invention Capital"
Tianna Hicklin Biography
Nicholas Gibson
(Science/AAAS Washington, USA)

"Career Options and Job Resources for Young Scientists"
Kwang Sun Kim Biography
Kwang Sun Kim
(Korea University of Technology and Education (KUT), Korea)

"University-Industry Cooperation for SME's under Korean Creative Economy"
Mikiko Tanifuji Biography
Mikiko Tanifuji
(National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan.)

"Open access publishing: opportunities and dilemmas"
Eun Kyu Lee Biography
Eun Kyu Lee
(National Research Foundation (NRF), Korea)

"NRF of Korea: Providing ‘Seeds’ for the Creative Economy"
Masafumi Nakamura Biography
Masafumi Nakamura
(Research & Consulting Service, Thomson Reuters, Japan)

"Introducing quantitative data as evidence for developing research strategy"
Takahiro Ochiya Biography
Takahiro Ochiya
(National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan)

"Exosome as a novel platform for cancer diagnosis and therapeutics"
Hajime Okumura Biography
Takahiro Ochiya
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST), Japan)

"Innovation of Power Electronics by Novel Semiconductor Devices
– From Crystal Growth to Electric Power Converter –"
S. Ramaswamy Biography
Kimiaki Suzuki
(National Center for Biological Sciences, India)

"Converting Discovery to Innovation in an Academic Environment"
Susumu Sasaki Biography
Kimiaki Suzuki
(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan)

"Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS) for a Sustainable Energy Future"
Kazuaki Sawada Biography
Kazuaki Sawada
(Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)

"Developments of Non Label Chemical Image Sensor For Innovative Study of Biochemical Field"
Chadaram Sivaji Biography
Chadaram Sivaji
(Embassy of India, India)

"Recent trends in Science and Technology in India"
Kimiaki Suzuki Biography
Kimiaki Suzuki
(Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

"Design Thinking
–Changing the Process of Innovation"
Toru Uzawa Biography
Toru Uzawa
(Nagoya University, Japan)

"Innovations driven by Mathematics and Mathematicians"
Noboru Yumoto Biography
Noboru Yumoto
(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST), Japan)

"Major Challenges to Open Innovation in Biotechnology"