Photo of Mikiko Tanifuji

Dr. Mikiko Tanifuji
"Open access publishing: opportunities and dilemmas"


General Manager of Scientific Information Office at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), a national research laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan.


Mikiko Tanifuji is the managing director of the NIMS Library, and the publishing director of the open-access journal supported by NIMS, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) and the e-book series NIMS Monographs. In 2012, STAM was ranked in the top 15% of journals worldwide in the category of Materials Science & Multidisciplinary on the Thomson Routers database, and was ranked 1st in Japan.

Mikiko Tanifuji is also involved in the development of the NIMS Digital Library. "NIMS eSciDoc”, which is a co-development project with the Max Planck Digital Library, and one of the core repository services of the digital library. She has also introduced a directory service for researchers called SAMURAI which is one of the application services extracted from NIMS eSciDoc. She is a member of the following: the Society for Scholarly Publishing, the Japan Society of Applied Physics, and the Publishing Board of the Optical Society of Japan. She is also a working member for the Japan Science Council.