Irago Sea-Park & Spa Hotel

Irago Sea-Park & Spa Hotel is located at the tip of the cape Irago, Tahara-town, Aichi prefecture. The hotel is facing the Ise Bay (Ise-wan), and has nice ocean view. Toyohashi TechTahara has a mild climate. Adding to the major access to the hotel by bus from Toyohashi station, several accesses are available, and those will be noticed on the conference site. Irago Sea-Park and Spa Hotel is very close to the ferry terminal where you can get ferry to Ise and Toba city to visit Ise Shrine (Ise-jingu).

Local guide to Irago Area "Irago-Osanpo-Map" (in Japanese)

Tahara City Tourist Guide


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Access Map

Toyohashi station is a portal station to the Irago Sea Park&Spa hotel which is about 1.5 hours' car ride from the Toyohashi station.

Access to Toyohashi station

By Shinkansen-line

Take Shinkansen to TOYOHASHI station. This is convenient way from TOKYO / OSAKA area.

By Air-plane

Chubu International Airport (Centrair) is nearest airport to TOYOHASHI station.

Take local train (MEITETSU-line) at Chubu International Airport to Toyohashi station.

Link: Accessing the Airpot by Train at Cetrair's web


Access to Irago Sea-Park&Spa Hotel from Toyohashi station

Bus service

Bus service by the conference organization will be available.

By local-train + local bus

Take Atsumi-line from Toyohashi station. It takes about 30min to Mikawa-Tahara station.

At Mikawa-Tahara station, take Toyotetsu local bus bound for Irago-misaki. After about 60min, you can reach to the hotel at 'Irago Sea Park Mae' bus stop.

By local bus

At the No.1 bus stop in Toyohashi station, take Toyotetsu local bus bound for Irago-misaki (伊良湖岬). After about 110min, you can reach to the hotel at 'Irago Sea Park Mae' bus stop.

Link: Toyohashi Railway (TOYOTETSU) web page (in Japanese).

Link: Toyotetsu bus web page (in Japanese).