Prof. Kimiaki Suzuki
"Design Thinking
–Changing the Process of Innovation"


Professor at the Graduate School of Innovation Studies, Tokyo University of Science

Director of Towa Institute of Intellectual Property

Research area

Design Management, Design Law, Valuation of Intangibles

Education and Career

He received B.Agr. Degree from University of Tokyo in 1990. After working in the Intellectual Property Division of Canon inc., he joined the Japan Patent Office and worked as s design examiner. He was appointed as an assistant professor of at the Graduate school of Tokyo University of Science in 2005, and was promoted to his present position in 2013. He has been a Patent attorney since 2005.

Academic activities

He is Facilitator of Intellectual Property Association of Japan. He is Publisher and Editor of the Journal of Towa Institute of Intellectual Property.

Recent Publications Related

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