National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST)
1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8561, Japan

Auditorium, Central 1

(in Japanese)
産業技術総合研究所 つくば中央第一事業所 共用講堂

Guide Map of AIST Tsukuba


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  • Please note that the Irago Conference 2014 is NOT held at "EPOCHAL TSUKUBA International Congress Center" (会場はつくば国際会議場ではありません。ご注意ください)

Access to Tsukuba

Tsukuba is located at 50 km northeast of Tokyo and 40 km northwest of Narita International Airport. For access to Tsukuba using public transport, you can take either train or bus, depending on your travel plan.

From Narita International Airport

[Airport Buses] Narita Airport – Tsukuba Center (Bus terminal): Costs 2,600 yen one way, takes approximately 120 minutes

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From Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)

[Airport Buses] Haneda Airport – Namiki 2-chome (namiki nì-chomé) and walk 3 minutes to AIST Tsukuba Central. : Costs 1,850 yen one way, takes approximately 100 minutes

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From Tokyo Station

[Highway Buses] Take a highway bus (co-operated by JR and Kanto Testudo) going to “Tsukuba Center” or “Tsukuba Daigaku (University)” from JR Highway Bus Terminal at Tokyo Station. It will take approximately 65 minutes (depending on traffic conditions) and it costs 1,150 yen for a one-way ticket. Get off at "Namiki 2-chome (namiki nì-chomé)" and walk 3 minutes to AIST Tsukuba Central.

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Tokyo (Akihabara 秋葉原) - Tsukuba - AIST

Take a train Tsukuba Express TX (rapid service, 45 min. or semi-rapid service, 52 min.) from Akihabara Station and get off at "Tsukuba" Station. Take exit A4 for public transportation or take exit A4 (or A5) for AIST shuttle bus.

Tokyo (Ueno 上野) - Arakawaoki (荒川沖) - AIST

From Tokyo (Ueno), take JR train (Joban-line) to Arakawaoki (about 60 mins). You can travel to AIST by local bus or by taxi (about 15 mins).

Taxi to AISTnew

Take taxi at Tsukuba Express station (about 10min) to AIST. "産総研 中央第一" or "Sansoken, chuoh-daiichi" is the destination.

If you are not familier in Tsukuba, Taking taxi is most easy and confortable way.

Shuttle bus / Local bus to AIST

(1) AIST shuttle bus Local bus to AIST

(2) Local bus Local bus to AIST

Local bus depart from AIST Local bus to AIST


Accommodation is not included in the registration fee. Participants are required to make their own arrangements. Following link is the information on hotels in Tsukuba. Some of them offer special discount. (Hotels in Tsukuba)

(in Japanese)
会議参加費に宿泊費用は含まれません。 ホテルリスト記載の宿では学会ディスカウントが受けられます。