Notice about oral and poster presentations

Oral Presentations

  • All oral presentations will be given in the Lecture hall of Auditorium 1F, AIST Tsukuba Central 1.
  • Windows PC installed with Microsoft Power point 2010 will be available for speakers without their own PCs. Speakers should bring USB memory sticks of their presentation files to the chairman's desk in front of the conference hall before the start of their sessions.
  • Speakers using their own PCs should inform the session chairman prior to the beginning of their talks.
  • If you have multimedia contents (movies, sounds etc.), please inform the session chairman prior to your talks to check the equipment before starting.

Poster Presentations

  • Friday Novmber 7, 1:00 p.m. to 2:20 p.m.
  • A poster board and push pins will be provided for each presentation.
  • The poster should not exceed 90 cm (horizontal) by 180 cm (vertical) to fit into the poster board shown in the figure on the bottom.
  • If the author will print a poster with a large format printer, A0 size is suitable.
  • Please fix your poster in the position indicated by the “poster number” before the start of the poster session.
  • Please put up a poster on the poster board using push pins.
  • Posters are requested to be posted throughout the conference period (November 6 to 7).
  • Handout of Guidelines for poster presentation.


Poster Board