Hideki Komatsu
"Tire technology for the future"


Vice President and Officer Central Research,
Assistant to Vice President and Officer of Innovation Division,
Bridgestone Corporation, Japan


Mr. Hideki Komatsu earned his M.S. degree in Organometallic Chemistry from Kyoto University.

He joined the Technical Center of Bridgestone Corporation in 1985 as research engineer, and mainly involved in research and development of materials and compounds for automobile tires including motor sports (F1) tires.

In 1988, after the take over of Firestone Inc., by Bridgestone, Mr. Komatsu shifted to Akron’s Bridgestone Central Research (presently BART) for a period of 2 years for carrying out research on Anionic Polymerizations.

Mr. Komatsu promoted to the posts of General Manger of Tire compounds Developments Department in 2004, General Manager of Motor Sport Tire Compound Development Office in 2005, General Manager of Head Office based Tire Material Procurement Department in 2007, Director of Tire Materials Development Division in 2009.

Again in 2011, Mr. Komatsu served for the second time in Head Office as Director of Internal Manufacturing Business Planning Division before returning to Technical Center as Director of Central Research Division.

Presently, Mr. Komatsu serves as Vice President and Officer of Central Research Division with the concurrent posts of Director of Central Research Division, Assistant to Vice President and Officer of Innovation Center.