Technical Program


November 15 (Thu), 2012

15AM Session

8:30 Opening Address
9:00 15PS-1 <invited>"Biologically inspired, nano-structured materials for energy and photonics"
D. E. Morse (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
9:30 15PS-2 <Invited> "Future prospect 2012-2025 -How will our business change for the next 10 years?-"
S. Tanaka (AQUABIT Corporation, Japan)
10:00 Break

15AM1 Session

10:15 15AM1-1 <Invited> “Thermoelectric nanocomposites and microscale modules”,
J. F. Li (Tsinghua University, China)
10:45 15AM1-2 <Invited> “Nanotechnology for natural disaster mitigation”,
U. Ruktanonchai (NanoDelivery System Lab, NANOTEC, Thailand)
11:15 15AM1-3 "“Multi-ERG Recording from Carp Retina by Penetrating Electrode Array with Various Length Microprobes”,
T. Harimoto (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)

15GSS (Graduate Student Session)

12:00 15GSS-1“Two-phase Flow Ejector as Water Refrigerant by Using Waste Heat”,
H. Yamanaka (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
  15GSS-2 “Development of an Ultrasonic Motor Robot Arm with High Responsiveness”,
T. Yamashita, (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
  15GSS-3 “Study on the Ultrasonic Motor Torque Generation using High Speed Microscope”,
M. Takaoka (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
  15GSS-4 “Optical Frequency-Modulated Signal Transmission Through Surface Plasmon Polaritons”,
T. Aihara (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
  15GSS-5 "Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Co-doped Anatase TiO2 Nanoparticles",
S. Yano (Yokohama National University, Japan)
  15GSS-6 “Amorphous selenium-based high sensitivity photodetector driven by diamond cold cathode”,
T. Masuzawa (International Christian University, Japan)
  15GSS-7 “Process Development for Monolithic Uncooled Pyroelectric Infrared Detector Array and its Thin Infrared Absorbing Films",
K. Oishi (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
  15GSS-8 “Integrated light delivery and neural signal recording on CMOS on-chip optoelectronic device for optogenetics”,
Y. Sawadsaringkarn (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
  15GSS-9 “Fabrication and Characterization of Optimized Sputtered IrOx and TiN Stimulus Electrodes for Retinal Prosthesis”,
Y.-L. Pan (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
  15GSS-10 “Vapor-Liquid-Solid Grown Silicon-wires Compatible (100)-silicon CMOS Process],”
K. Asai ( Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)

15PM1 Session

13:30 15PM1-1 <Invited> "Recent progress of seismic observation networks in Japan",
Y. Okada (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Japan)
14:00 15PM1-2 <Invited> “Limitations of predicting earthquakes and the myth of safety at Fukushima”,
R. Geller (University of Tokyo, Japan)
14:30 15PM1-3 <Invited> “Robots and the human”
O. Khatib (Stanford University, USA)
15:00 15PM1-4 <Invited> “Electric Vehicles on Electrified Roadways (EVER) -Powering Electric Cars by Exploiting Radio Frequency Displacement Currents via Revolving Tires-”,
T. Ohira ( Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)

15:45 Poster Session

15SS Special Session

17:00 15SS-1 <Invited> “Future sustainable energy system”,
Y.P.Kohama (New Industry Creation Hatchery Center, Tohoku University, Japan)

17:30 15SS-2 <Invited> “Sustainable Mobility Society with Demand side Energy Management”,
M. Kawamoto (Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan)
18:00 15SS-3 <Invited>“A Development of fully automated truck platoon system with closed gap distance”,
K. Aoki (Japan Automobile Research Institute, Japan)
18:30 15SS-4 <Invited> “Strategies and Policy/Technologies for Sustainable Transport and Cities”,
Y. Hayashi (Nagoya University, Japan)


19:30 Banquet


November 16 (Fri), 2012

16AM1 Session

8:30 16AM1-1 <Invited> “Turning a tragedy into a miracle -Fukushima Medical University version for revitalization-“,
S. Takenoshita (Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine, Japan)
9:00 16AM1-2 “The disaster debris management in Ishinomaki city of Miyagi prefecture following the 2011 East Japan Earthquake”,
T. Okayama (Nagoya University, Japan)
9:15 16AM1-3 “Construction Tele-Robotics System with AR Presentation”,
K. Ootsubo (Gifu University, Japan)
9:30 16AM1-4 “Integrated Approach of Regulate Global Temperature Rises and Climate Changes for Sustainable Planet”,
N. D. G. Hettiarachchi (Natural Resources Management Center, Sri Lanka)
10:00 Coffee Break

16AM2 Session

10:00 16AM2-1 <Invited> “Heterogeneous Integrated Package Systems”,
G. P. Li (University of California, Irvine, USA)
10:30 16AM2-2 “A Study of Xenopus laevis oocyte Array in a Fluidic Channel for Multiple Electrophysiological Measurements”,
N. Misawa (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
10:45 16AM2-3 “A proposal of potent inhibitor for cancer metastasis blocking the pocket of urokinase receptor: ab initio molecular simulations”,
T. Kasumi (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
11:00 16AM2-4 “Anti-cancer Activity in Ashwagandha Leaves: Molecular Evidence”,
R. Wadhwa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan)
11:15 16AM2-5 “New tool for optical control to reset circadian rhythms” N. Nagao (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
11:30 16AM2-6 "Plasmonic Garnet/Au Structures in the Multi-Pass Regime”,
A. V. Baryshev (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan )
11:45 16AM2-7 "Cu2O/ZnO Heterojunction Solar Cells Formed by Magnetron-Sputter Deposited Films Using Sintered Ceramics Targets”
S. Noda (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
12:00 16AM2-8 “Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites”,
T. V. Thu (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
12:15 Lunch

16PM1 Session

13:15 16PM1-1<invited> “Applications of multifunctional core-shell carbon nanotubes as bottoms-up material for key technology”,
D. H. C. Chua (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
13:45 16PM1-2 “Analysis of chromatic acclimation photoreceptor in cyanobacteria”,
Y. Hirose(Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
14:00 16PM1-3 <invited> “Microbial methanogenesis as the process of methane hydrate formation”,
S. Sakata (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
14:30 Closing remarks
M. Ishida (Vice-President, Director of EIIRIS, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)