Photo: Yoshimitsu Okada

Dr. Yoshimitsu Okada
"Recent Progress of Seismic Observation Networks in Japan"


President, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED)

Research Area

Modeling of seismic and volcanic sources using crustal deformation data Seismic activities around the Tokyo metropolitan area


1963 - 1967
Geophysics Course, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, (B.Sc.)
1967 - 1969
Graduate School (Geophysics), University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (M.Sc.)
University of Tokyo (Ph.D., )
[Dr. Thesis: Theoretical strain seismogram and its applications]


1970 - 1980
Assistant, Fujigawa Geophysical Observatory, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
1980 - 1985
Chief, Crustal Dynamics Laboratory, 2nd Research Division, National Research Center for Disaster Prevention (NRCDP)
1985 - 1987
Chief, Earthquake Precursor Laboratory, 2nd Research Division, NRCDP
1987 - 1988
Chief, Seismic Activity Laboratory, 2nd Research Division, NRCDP
1988 - 1990
Principal Researcher, 2nd Research Division, NRCDP
1990 - 1993
Director, Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption Prediction Research, Solid Earth Science Division, NIED
1993 - 1996
Director, Research Center for Earthquake Prediction, NIED
1996 - 2001
Director, Earthquake Research Center, NIED
2001 - 2006
Director, Strategic Planning Department, NIED 2006 - President, NIED
2006 - Present
President, NIED


Research Achievement Award by Minister of Science and Technology Agency (Tokyo, Japan) with “Research on theoretical crustal deformation associated to magma intrusion and modeling of volcanic activity”
Medal with purple ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) with “Development of quantitative model to evaluate crustal deformation”