Mr. Sakae Tanaka
"Future prospect 2012-2025 -How will the World and our business change in future-"


President, Chief Business Planner,
Aquabit Corporation



Sakae Tanaka, is a president of Aquabit, Corp. which is supporting for business planning and marketing strategy in various industries.

He is also the author of “Future Prospect Report” series, which is published from Nikkei BP every year.

Education and Career

He received B.E. degree in Politic and Economics from Waseda University, Japan in 1990. He joined CSK Corp. and worked for business planning as a President Office staff.

In 1993, he worked for Microsoft Japan, and worked for marketing planning of Word and Office products, corporate business planning, a new business planning (Xbox).

In 2003, he established Auqabit Corp. and appointed president.