Justin Llandro
"Overview of Research at the University of Cambridge on Magnetism and Related Phenomena in 2D & 3D Materials and Metamaterials"


Research Associate
Department of Physics,
University of Cambridge, UK.


Justin Llandro received the BA & MSci degrees in Natural Sciences in 2003 from the University of Cambridge, from where he also received the PhD degree for research carried out in the Thin Film Magnetism group at the Department of Physics on the development of magnetic bioassays based on magnetically encoded tags and ring-shaped spin-valves.

Since 2008, he has been a Research Associate in the Thin Film Magnetism group, where he has worked on subjects including magneto-optical effects in low-dimensional spin systems and magnetotactic bacteria, for which he and his collaborators received research awards in Cambridge in 2009 and 2010.

He was a co-organiser of the ESF/EMBO Conference on “Biomagnetism and Magnetic Biosystems based on Molecular Recognition Processes” in Spain in 2007 and co-chair of the “Biomagnetic Sensing” international workshop in Cambridge in 2009. His current research interests include frustrated magnets, self-assembled biomimetic structures and charge and spin transport in magnetic oxides and two-dimensional materials.